Barclays: Frequently asked questions

How do I claim on my bank account’s mobile phone insurance?

To make a claim, follow the steps below. 

If your phone has been lost or stolen, call your network provider (even if you’re outside of the UK) to bar your SIM card. Report any theft to the police, or the relevant authorities if you’re abroad, and get an incident number.

To claim on your insurance, contact us by either registering your claim online or calling the helpline* for your current account:

Tech Pack (available with a Barclays Bank Account   0800 158 3199 
Current Account Plus †  0800 328 6931
Additions Active †  0800 99 4422
First Additions †  0800 328 6931
Additions †  0332 027 527
Additions Plus †  0800 99 4422
Please select the mobile phone insurance option. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9am-6pm.

For Premier Life accounts, call 0800 111 777 * and select the mobile phone insurance option.

Premier Tech Pack customers should call 0800 158 3198 *, selecting the mobile phone insurance option.

You can find more information about mobile phone insurance in your welcome pack. Just scroll to find your account type, look for the document or follow the link to find the policy and other documents.

Read about how you can register your mobile for this insurance. 

* To maintain a quality service, we may monitor and record phone calls. Call charges.

† These accounts are no longer on sale but you can still use the benefits if you hold one.

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