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How do I stop or cancel a cheque or my chequebook?

You may want to stop a cheque, for example, if it gets lost or stolen or you no longer want the payment to go through. You may also want to put a stop on the remaining cheques in your chequebook if it's been lost or stolen.

To do this, contact any branch or Telephone Banking (if you're registered). Provide as much information as you can, eg your account details, the cheque number (which you can tell from the cheque stub), who it was made payable to and the amount. There may be a charge for a stopped cheque, depending on the circumstances.

If you find the cheque or chequebook later or change your mind and want to remove the stop, contact any branch or Telephone Banking. Give the member of staff details of the stop, including the date the stop was applied, and it will be removed.

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