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What is the cheque clearing cycle for Cash Card accounts and how long does it take?

When you pay a cheque into your account it has to be sent to the drawer's bank for payment. That bank will decide if it'll honour the cheque. It may not honour it if, for example, the person who gave you the cheque hasn't enough money in their account.

This process is known as the central cheque clearing cycle. It normally takes 3 working days. We also need to allow extra days for an unpaid cheque to be returned.

When are cash and cheques available for withdrawal?

The chart below will help you understand when cash and cheques paid into your account become available for withdrawal. However, this does not necessarily mean the cheque has been paid by the bank on which it is drawn. This chart applies to sterling cheques drawn and deposited in the UK.

The chart also shows when you can be certain that the funds will not be reclaimed from your account iff the cheque is returned unpaid. (See the reference to unpaid cheques below for more hep.)


Day paid in
Available to withdraw at a cash machine (after 1am) or any Barclays branch Certainty of funds
Cash paid in at  any Barclays branch
0 (e.g. Monday)


Cheque paid in at any Barclays branch
0 (e.g. Monday)
Day 4 (e.g. Friday)

Close of Day 6
(e.g. Tuesday)*

*Funds will not be debited from your account as a result of the cheque being returned unpaid later than this day.  As Barclays processes payments overnight, you will know at the start of business on day 7 whether or not the cheque has been paid.

Cut-off times in Barclays branches

Please remember that many branches have a cut-off time. After that time, cheques paid in are processed the following working day. You can find cut-off times by contacting the branch.

Working days are Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Please note:

  • days which are only bank holidays in Scotland are treated as working days for cheque clearing purposes throughout the UK
  • if you deposit a cheques in Northern Ireland, days which are bank holidays in Northern Ireland are not treated as working days.

Available funds can be withdrawn on a Saturday, either from branches which are open or from cash machines. To find your nearest branch or cash machine, use our branch locator

Unpaid Cheques

If a cheque is returned unpaid, the value of it will be debited from your account even if you have withdrawn the money in the meantime.

However, you can be certain that an unpaid cheque will not be debited from your account later than 6 working days after deposit:

  • without your permission or
  • unless there is a suspicion that a fraud has been committed.

Therefore, from day 0 when you pay in a cheque, the bank on which it is drawn has the following 6 working days to be able to return it unpaid.

Building Society cheques are treated like any other cheque and take the same amount of time to clear. They can also be returned unpaid for a variety of reasons.

Paying in cash or cheques at another bank

If you pay in cash or cheques at another bank to your Barclays account (e.g. on a Monday), the timetable starts from the day that the credit is in your account. Ordinarily, and in this example, this will be on Wednesday.

In these cases, the funds are available to withdraw on the following Monday. Funds will not be debited from your account as a result of a cheque being returned unpaid later than the following Thursday.

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